Program Days

HealthWorks! 2018 Program Days

HealthWorks! is excited to announce our new, monthly Programs Days!

Health is made up of so many components, and we often don’t get the chance to go very in-depth with certain subjects.

With our Program Days, we are hoping to take an inside look into 1 health topic every month!

See below for a list of dates and topics! We hope you will join us!

Upcoming Program Days

February 17th: Heart Health

Your heart does so many important things for your body, so let’s learn how to properly take care of it! Our inflatable MEGA heart gives you a chance to walk through the chambers and see how blood moves through your body.

March 9th-11th: Nutrition Week

It’s all about food this week! We’ll talk about healthy recipes, where your food comes from, and how to start making smart, healthy decisions at a young age!

April 7th: Recovery Party

A long work out can be hard on the body and on your brain! Today we’re going to make sure we give our body the rest it needs, while we celebrate our accomplishments!

May 12th: Birthday Party

Celebrate HealthWorks! turning 2!

  • $2 off

June 16th: Safety Day

Learn the best ways to keep your body safe while playing outside!

July 14th: Wilderness Day

Could you survive a week in the woods alone? What berries are poisonous? What if a snake bit you? We’ll talk all of this and more at HealthWorks! Wilderness Day!

August 5th: Back to School

Getting sick during school is never fun, but HealthWorks! has you covered! We’ll show you the best ways to keep your body and mind ready to rock this school year!

  • $2 off with school supplies donation

September 15th: Career Day

There are health careers all around us! Come ask questions and see which one you might be interested in!

  • $2 off with “Your Future Career” costume

October 13th: Superhero Training Day

Running in a cape isn’t as easy as it looks! HealthWorks! will make sure you’re ready to save your city!

  • $2 off with costume

November 4th: The Great Candy Exchange

Click here for more information on this annual event!

December 22nd: Giving Back

Learn about ways you can give back to your community and help those around you.

  • Donate what you can


Unless otherwise noted, admission prices stay the same. All program days follow regular museum hours.