There are many ways that you can help us educate and inspire children and
families to have healthier smiles and healthier bodies.


To help us contaminate children of all ages to learn, have fun and make
great life choices, make a donation today!

    • Click here and make an online contribution
    • Click here to donate items from our online Amazon wishlist (make sure to purchase through Amazon Smile and choose “Dental Health Theatre, Inc.” as your charity, and a portion of your purchase will be given back to HealthWorks!)
    • Send a gift of stock to DTC # 0705, Dental Health Theatre Inc, Acct # 24442726
    • Contact Shannon Woodcock at 314-241- 7391 or at to discuss additional giving opportunities, such as becoming a Program Sponsor or Event Sponsor. Click here for more details!
    • You can also simply mail us your tax-deductible donation, and we will send you a receipt. Send a check by mail to 1100 Macklind Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110
    • We love seeing your smile! Come in and give a gift in person.

Let the Epidemic begin!


Did you know anyone can leave a legacy? Supporting HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum St. Louis through a planned gift is an easy way to establish a permanent legacy that will brighten smiles and create healthy children for generations to come. HealthWorks! encourages donors to consider the following planned gifts:

    • Name HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum St. Louis (Dental Health Theatre, Inc) as your beneficiary. If you own various investment and/or insurance accounts – annuities, life policies, pensions, Individual Retirement Accounts, 401(k) plans and so on – you have the right to name someone to receive any remaining assets at your death. Designating a beneficiary is easy to do and it’s important, yet a lot of people don’t. Why is it easy? Because designating a beneficiary is something that typically can be done in a few minutes, either on paper or online, with or without the help of an adviser. You can easily add HealthWorks! using our tax ID number 75-3018876.
    • Bequests – You can leave a specific dollar amount or percentage to HealthWorks! through your Will. Planned giving arrangements should be made in consultation with donors’ individual financial and estate advisors.