Day of Field Trip

Information for the Day of your Field Trip

All groups that have made a reservation should have received a contract prior to their visit date. If you have not, please email, or give us a call at 314-241-7391.

Important Information:

  • It is strongly recommended that all children wear a shirt or nametag with the name of their school clearly displayed, in the event that there is more than one field trip in the museum at the same time
  • Chaperones are responsible for the supervision of all children
  • Please, no food or drinks, besides water, in the museum
  • Ensure that all children are wearing closed toe shoes with backs
  • Visitors to HealthWorks! may be photographed and their image and likeness may be used in the museum’s marketing materials and media communications without compensation of any sort.
    • If a caregiver/teacher does NOT want his or her image and likeness used, or that of a particular child or children, a member of the HealthWorks! staff must be informed prior to the start of the show. Otherwise, it is understood that entrance into the museum serves as consent to be photographed for the purposes aforementioned.
  • In case of bad weather, please check the local TV stations or call the museum at 314-241-7391 to see if the museum is closed.

When you Arrive:

  • Please bring the children to the entrance of the museum, located off Berthold Ave, towards the back of the parking lot
  • Once here, wait for a Health Educator to greet you on the bus before unloading the children
  • Assign one chaperone to be the HealthWorks! Contact and have them get off the bus first to meet our Captivating Crew Chief and review your schedule for the day
  • Please have updated attendance numbers in order to complete your payment, which is due at the time of arrival
  • Please note, shows are subject to cancellation for any field trip that is more than 10 minutes late

During your Field Trip:

  • HealthWorks! will review the following rules with the children before they enter the exhibit floor:
    • Use your walking feet
    • Our Big Dude is super fun to climb on, but please avoid climbing on his ribs, face, and high knee
    • After your time on the exhibit floor is over, please help us clean up
    • Oftentimes we do have general admission joining us on the floor, so please be aware that there could be smaller children running around with your group
  • Health Educators will make announcements over the speakers to direct your group towards their next activity
    • Chaperones, please be listening for announcements and help direct the group as necessary

After your Field Trip:

  • If you had a great time, or have any suggestions, please let us know!