Cookies and Milk Club

HealthWorks! Cookies and Milk Club!

The Cookies and Milk Club is our way of allowing teachers and educators, the opportunity to get a unique, inside look into the health education side of the HealthWorks! model. HealthWorks! focuses on 4 key elements to ensure that your class’ experience is fun, motivating, and informative:

  • AH!– Kids make connections between our relevant data and their lifestyle
  • HA!– Each program contains some form of activity, skit, or joke that makes learning fun
  • RAH!– During these activities, we encourage kids to cheer on their peers and engage in teamwork
  • OOH!– Kids learn something new (and gross!) about their own bodies, creating a lasting memory

Sometimes, these education models come from our infectiously fun HW! partners! We are always looking for opportunities to partner with local St. Louis organizations, and provide their information to our educators. Other times, a Health Educator might run across something that we think you, and your class, could really benefit from. In addition to these wonderful resources, you can also enjoy free admission to the museum, and get $2 off for every one of your guests.

Signing up is completely free, and you can do so by following this link and checking “Cookies and Milk Club” at the bottom. You can also sign up in person at the museum!

Questions? Email Caity at