Little Noggins Club

HealthWorks! Little Noggins’ Club!

Little Noggins’ Club is for caregivers of 0-3 year olds. It is designed to encourage parents and children to engage in the everyday types of play that neuroscience has shown fosters healthy brain development and supports optimum life skill development. Play enhances language, learning, creativity, problem solving, collaboration and thinking skills. Little brains need special care and attention while they get to know their big new world. All experiences in the first few years of life influence how the brain will develop – for life.

You’ll love discovering how easy it is to be a great parent. Come PLAY! We’ll show you how to give the little noggins in your life a great start!

Signing up is completely free! Just follow this link and check “Little Noggins’ Club” at the bottom! You can also sign up in person at the museum!

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