Delta Dental Health Theatre

Delta Dental Health Theatre

This popular fixture on Laclede’s Landing for the last 38 years is now housed in HealthWorks! Kids’ Museum St. Louis. It serves as an interactive learning center with unique, high-energy, educator-led programming that increases individual knowledge about the connection between personal choices and health outcomes, encourages positive health practices and turns visitors into health advocates for themselves, their families and this community. There is a menu of different program offerings, that change every few months, so groups and parties with little tikes, or even tweens, can find the perfect fit.

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HealthWorks! Programs
Presented in the
Delta Dental Health Theater

Super Scrubbers™

(grades PreK-K, 30 minutes)

It’s all about keeping clean at HealthWorks! Students explore choices they can make to keep themselves heathy with a special emphasis on hand hygiene and oral health. Students leave with a memorable experience as they scrub, brush, and dance to keep away germs and promote health!By program’s end, all will have earned the honor of becoming a ‘Super Scrubber’!

Youcan Toucan

(grades pre-K- 2nd, 45 – 60 minutes)

Our interactive and engaging show is led by a health educator and co-host Youcan the Toucan. Together they lead students through fun activities that reinforce the basics of how to properly care for your teeth and gums, teach how to spot healthy and unhealthy foods and encourage daily active play.


(grades K-2, 60 minutes)

Who is Alex? An average student going through an average day; a day with many choices. That’s where the students come in! Students help Alex make decisions such as what to eat for lunch, how much sleep he should get, and how to deal with conflict. Kids travel with Alex from the day’s beginning to end, with many stops along the way. By the time they are finished, all who participated will be armed with lots of great practical information that they can apply to their own daily health decision making.

Bozo’s Big
Bowel Movement™

(grades K-5, 20 minutes)

Come join us on a journey through the digestive system. Students learn about each step of digestion as they compete in HealthWorks! spin on the classic carnival game “Bozo’s Buckets”. Bonus: A video journey through a real digestive tract to enthrall students as they learn how to keep a healthy

Move It!™

(grades K-5, 30 minutes)

It’s time to Move It! Learning about the five food groups has never been so easy to digest. Participants will have a delectable experience as they shimmy and shake to the music and develop a palate for good nutrition and exercise.

Double Dare!™

(grades 3-5, 90 minutes)

HealthWorks! Double Dare! rollicking look at the amazing human body! Students take a fast look at six different body systems* with facts that are backed up with fun and unforgettable physical challenge “interactivities”. Students will have an opportunity to “come on down” and, if the wheel is on their side, the teachers and chaperones might too! (*bones, muscles, heart, kidney, We double-dare you to sit still during this wild and

Healthy Hints for
Healthy Living

(pre-K through grade 2, 30 - 45 min)

Our traveling program has the same high energy and interactivity as our Youcan Show, but, we bring it to you! Led by a health educator, students discuss germs and proper hygiene, oral health care and the relationship between oral health and overall health, the importance of daily active play and how to spot healthy and unhealthy foods. Call for pricing!